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i need more smiling!sam and jared in my life. like, forever, always, all the time.
saving people, hunting things, the family business.

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"With you is where I'd rather be, but we're stuck where we are. And it's so hard, you're so far, this long distance is killing me. I wish that you were here with me, but we're stuck where we are. And it's so hard, you're so far. This long distance is killing me."

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favorite people: Crystal Reed

"I’m not interested in fame at all. I don’t care if people know who I am or if I make a ton of money, I just love my work so much."

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…in spite of everything, in spite of the dark and twisting path he saw stretching ahead for himself, in spite of the final meeting with Voldemort he knew must come, whether in a month, in a year, or in ten, he felt his heart lift at the thought that there was still one last golden day of peace left to enjoy with Ron and Hermione.


"Love is not consolation, it is light."

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you are so pretty o:

you are so cute o: (you’re awesome, anon. :3 thanks you, sweetie. :*:)

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i’m crying exactly the way when i read the fucking book. why am i doing this to me. WHY

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i just can’t stop crying since the first 6 minutes.

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ok, somebody hold me tight. i’ll watch the fault in our stars right now and…

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